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Peligro offer a fresh bespoke approach to health and safety consultancy. We have the skills, experience and flexibility to meet the ever changing demands of health and safety within your business. We set out to make sure you comply with health and safety legislation with the minimum of fuss and leave the owner/manager time to focus on those areas they prefer to work on.

How can we help your business?

Legislation isn’t a one way-street created by bureaucrats and mandarins. It is there to help everyone, at every stage, to fulfil not only their legal, but also moral obligations. Company compliance enhances your brand image whether it is to help to recruit new staff or gaining new business. It will help with improved efficiency and productivity due to your staff and contractors feeling safe and their needs understood. Your company may also benefit financially……you may be able to negotiate lower insurance premiums and other costs. Peligro can talk to you about how to:

    • Ensure compliance with increasingly complex health & safety legislation
    • Ensure you are meeting your insurance requirements
    • Secure better deals and more flexibility from insurers and underwriters
    • Help to reduce accident rates and the associated costs of replacement labour, reduced productivity, insurance and legal expenses
    • Improve the efficiency of the work environment
    • Increase employee morale
  • Satisfy your client’s needs for existing and new contracts

We deal with all industries but have particular specialisms in Construction, Asbestos Management, Principal Designer Services, Property Management and home worker assessments. We can offer advice and information to help protect your people and your business.

What can happen when things go wrong?

If your company doesn’t have an effective health and safety management systems and an incident or accident occurs, the following could happen:

    • Improvement Notices or Prohibition Notices may be issued
    • Substantial fees could be charged by enforcing authorities under The Health and Safety (Fees) Regulations 2012
    • Company directors, managers and officers may be prosecuted for infringements of health and safety law and could be fined or imprisoned
    • There could be substantial financial implications for the company and personally for its directors
    • Employees and contractors could suffer a loss of earnings and claim against the company
    • The legal costs may not all be covered by insurance and together with the additional costs to the company to manage an accident and/or incident whilst still operating on other projects, cash flow could be affected and indeed the business’s survival overall
  • Brand damage may stop your company from negotiating further contracts with trusted existing or potential clients in the future.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our web site and we look forward to discussing your requirements with you. If you are looking for experienced, professional and competent consultants to give you practical and useful advice and support then call us for a quotation today.

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